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Buyer Beware! Flowers Not Delivered - Scammer Business!

It appear that after massive complaints and negative reviews, From You Flowers changed names to and both are listed at the same address. The photos below show the flower arrangement that was purchased last week (Aug 2018) and they were to be delivered Sept. 4th 2018 to my girlfriend at her place of work. The second photo evidences my girlfriend office and you can see the the flowers were NEVER delivered!

Additionally, 4 screenshot of the emails that were sent evidence a number of things. One they are either playing middleman or attempting to use that local 3rd party florist failed to deliver. However, on 4 separate emails I requested the name of this 3rd party florist and to date that info has not been provided. Additionally, I requested the name and contact info to their attorney to file legal action against them and again, that information has not been provided.

You will also not that the emails they sent also do not show or list any specific name or employee or department. I feel this is done so that if legal action is brought against them, they can state it was not from them.

The screen shots of the email responses speak for themselves and they also evidence the admission that the flowers were never delivered! I highly recommend that if you are seeking to send flowers, use a reputable local florist in your area and if you have become of victim of aka From You Flowers, LLC., to file complaints with the Attorney General's Office in your state as well as in Connecticut. This business needs investigated for deceptive business practices and for them to be shut down!

They have 201 negative reviews on

They have 58 negative reviews on

They have 48 negative reviews on

The list goes on and one and the only thing they are good at is have a successful failure rate! Do Not Do Business with From You Flowers aka and all the other names they use!

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