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UPDATE: After posting on facebook I was contacted by Sendflowers.com who apologized, admitted a "miscommunication" on their part and did not have their affiliate florist pick up the arrangement. I purposely left out the affiliate florist name because I did not see any sense in showing a local business in a negative light.

However when I spoke to Julie this afternoon, she told me the woman who called her from the delivering florist and said they were coming to back their flowers was terribly rude, condescending and embarrassed her. In addition to that this afternoon the roses are already turning brown and the petals are falling off. Sendflowers.com asked for and received pictures of the now dying and deteriorating bouquet. The affiliate florist was DESIGNS BY DIEDRICH JOLIET ILLINOIS.

Thank you sendflowers.com for making some of this right. DESIGNS BY DEIDRICH JOLIET ILLINOIS never again. Ordered flowers for Julie for our 30th anniversary. Below is what is from the website, next to it is what was received.

The picture actually makes the delivered arrangement look better than it is. This arrangement was $145.00 after a discount. Julie was very happy, I was not. I know what the flowers were supposed to look like.

This was subpar, a tired looking bouquet, not impressive, certainly not professionally arranged. I wanted her to have something wonderful for our 30th. Emailed the company, Sendflowers.com, and after an initial offer of a redelivery, got the following reply. "Thank you for taking the time to communicate to us why our product did not meet your expectations.

I apologize that such inexcusable errors were made with your order for Julia . We have every intention of providing the best solution available to resolve the issue as soon as possible and regain your confidence in our company. We would like to offer you full refund to show how deeply sorry we are for the substandard service demonstrated by both our company and our delivering affiliate" Accepted. Wonderful.

15 minutes later Julie gets a call at work from the affiliate florist in Joliet that they are on the way to repossess their flowers. Yes, I was offered a full refund for "inexcusable errors" and "substandard service". What's the caveat they don't disclose? Thats right, they're coming to take their flowers back.

Confused and embarrassed in front of her coworkers. Way to go Sendflowers.com. let's make the entire ordeal that much more of a bad thing. I would never consider getting something for nothing if I had been the one to initiate cancelling the order, but never in a million years would I think that a company that delivered a substandard bouquet of flowers and then offered a full refund for their mistake would come to take them back without disclosing that before.

Went back and checked, guess what, repossession is not mentioned in the satisfaction guarantee either. I certainly would have made another choice and let my wife keep her anniversary roses just never dealing with sendflowers.com and the affiliate florist again. I feel so bad for Julie, she was so excited to get them.

What just happened? Who does that?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sendflowers Bouquet.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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So you want good flowers, for free, proper etiquette from a crummy vendor, and a happy wife ...

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